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榮膺《TE ENERGY 2023Y菁英夥伴》大獎

# 最新公告

榮膺《TE ENERGY 2023Y菁英夥伴》大獎

新太興電纜附件有限公司 (HY CABLE CO., LTD.)致力於打造永續、互聯且更安全的工業技術,榮獲TE Connectivity  頒發2023年度成長卓越大獎。TE 總裁(Vice President and General Manager APAC)表示,新太興電纜附件有限公司(HY CABLE CO., LTD.)是TE Connectivity ENERGY的優質通路合作夥伴,靠著對卓越客戶服務的堅定承諾,TE認為新太興電纜附件有限公司是真正的創新專業的合作夥伴。

亞洲區總經理(General Manager ANZ & North East Asia)頒獎給新太興電纜附件有限公司(HY CABLE CO., LTD.)  總經理 侯聰賢 ,並感謝大力推動成效卓越將TE/ Raychem 161/69 KV GIS氣封型(EBG) PHVS、TR油封型(EBO) PHVT、屋外型(EBA) OHVT-72PBW陶瓷/OHVT-72CW聚合電纜終端匣、電纜中間接續匣(NJ/IJ)EHVS、電纜被覆保護裝置(CCPU)SB-1, XB-1、避雷器(SVL)、69 KV熱縮式電纜終端匣(LHVT)等等…成功導入工業界。因為太陽能、風能都是間歇性的,無法穩定提供電源,須先透過台電饋線的超高壓電纜,才能到變電站轉換到電壓,唯有併網才能提供持續、足夠的電力來源。要擴大併網容量須擴大區域輸配電電網、變電站、變電所等基礎設施。離岸風電將搭配儲能併網需求TE/ Raychem 161/69 KV電纜中間接續(EHVS-T)需求大幅成長,並成為台電強化電網韌性建設計畫,以配電變壓器、GIS(氣體絕緣開關設備) TE/ Raychem161/69KV氣封型、油封型、插入式關鍵零組件導入設備供應。

在台電加速汰換老舊系統與新增變電站下(台電強化電網韌性建設計畫),TE Connectivity 代理商:新太興電纜附件有限公司 (HY CABLE CO., LTD.)將推升電力、配電變壓器需求,加上太陽能、風電等陸續併網,也將帶動升壓站等重電需求成長。台電的電網工程中包括綠能分散供電,讓太陽光電及離岸風電用電搭配儲能優先地使用,再輸往其他區域;隨著太陽能、風電等分散式電廠增加,GIS 保護裝置為升壓站必需品,需求勢必也將同步大增。

新太興電纜附件有限公司(HY CABLE CO., LTD.)朝區域型電網去發展,帶動強韌電網關鍵零組件需求。相與TE Connectivity ENERGY的通路合作夥伴更加緊密的合作關係,滿足業主最嚴苛的工程與生產需求的關鍵要素。




Won the "TE ENERGY 2023Y Elite Partner" Award

HY CABLE CO., LTD. is committed to creating sustainable, interconnected and safer industrial technology, and won the 2023 Growth Excellence Award from TE Connectivity. TE Vice President and General Manager APAC stated that HY CABLE CO., LTD. is a high-quality partner of TE Connectivity ENERGY, relying on its firm commitment to excellent customer service. TE believes that HY CABLE CO., LTD. is a real innovation specialty business partner.

General Manager ANZ & North East Asia presented the award to Steven Hou, general manager of HY CABLE CO., LTD., and appreciated TE/ Raychem 161/69 KV GIS(EBG) PHVS, TR(EBO) PHVT, (EBA) OHVT for -72PBW/OHVT-72CW terminations, cable joints (NJ/IJ) EHVS, link box(CCPU) SB-1, XB-1, surge arrester (SVL), 69 KV heat shrinkable terminations (LHVT), etc. ...successfully introduced into the industry. Because solar energy and wind energy are intermittent, they cannot provide stable power. They must pass through the high voltage cables of Taipower feeders before they can be converted to voltage at the substation. Only grid connection can provide a continuous and sufficient source of power. To expand the grid-connected capacity, it is necessary to expand regional power transmission and distribution grids, substations, and other infrastructure. Offshore wind power will be combined with the demand for energy storage and grid connection. The demand for TE/ Raychem 161/69 KV cable joints (EHVS-T) has grown significantly, and it has become Taipower's plan to strengthen the resilience construction of the power grid, with distribution transformers, GIS (gas insulated switchgear) TE/ Raychem161/69KV Dry Plug-In Switchgear and Transformer Terminations(PHVS/PHVT) are imported into equipment supply.

With Taipower's accelerated replacement of old systems and new substations (Taipower strengthens grid resilience construction design), TE Connectivity's partner: HY CABLE CO., LTD. will push up the demand for power and distribution transformers, plus solar energy, wind power, etc. The successive grid connection will also drive the growth of demand for heavy electricity. Taipower's power grid project includes green energy decentralized power supply, allowing solar photovoltaic and offshore wind power to be used with energy storage first, and then exported to other areas; with the increase of solar and wind power and other decentralized power plants, GIS (gas insulated switchgear) are boost Station necessities, the demand is bound to increase simultaneously.

HY CABLE CO., LTD. is developing towards a regional power grid, driving the demand for key components of a strong and resilient power grid. It is a key element to meet the most stringent engineering and production needs of the owner with a closer cooperation relationship with TE Connectivity ENERGY's partner.